Saturday, June 22, 2019

Google Domains

Google Domains Make Money Blogging

If you have an idea for a product or a service and want to send it out via a website to millions of internet users, then you will need a domain. Sounds simple but for some, it becomes a stumbling block, and many unfortunately fall at this first obstacle as they quite simply have no idea how to do this, others give up as they cannot afford the cost of a domain.

If this sounds like you don’t fret you are not alone, and as they are in the market to make money via people like us Google noticed this as well and created what is now known as Google Domains, offering domains to the public for as little as $12.

Google Domains: Publicly launched back in January of 2015 as a domain registration service also provides a multitude of other services at no extra cost, including, private domain registration, DNS hosting, dynamic DNS, domain forwarding and email forwarding to any Gmail address. (Source: Google Domains - Wikipedia. (n.d.). Retrieved from

The platform also provides for us non-technical people one-click configurations for website builders like Squarespace,, Weebly and Shopify. Furthermore, if you do not want to pay the membership fees for the above web builders and they are all good, you can stay with Google and connect the domain you have purchased from them and utilise their Blogger blog platform once again at no cost.
Authors note: To show that the Google Blogger platform or Blogspot as it is known works, I have used this platform for this website, a website which has cost me just $17.00 and that includes a simple website builder, a domain and hosting.

Tomorrow we will show you how to complete the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to get your site index on Google once again at no further cost by using Google Search Consul formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

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