Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Who are SEOCLERKS and can you Make Money


SEOCLERKS has been with us since 2011 and has gone from strength to strength. Originally intended to be a marketplace for SEO services. They have since 2011 expanded registering a corporation in 2012 named Ionicware Inc a name they continue to trade under today.

Their platform regulated by its own users on a Want to Trade basis has become a new way for users to freelance in a new way not envisaged before. Their success can be seen in the rapid growth of its users, users who up until now had no way to promote their services or products and earn online.

By August the 11th, just one year after registering Ionicware Inc SEOCLERKS had more than 85,000 members delivered over 200,000 orders and paid out $1.5 million to its sellers, rocketing them into the most extensive dedicated SEO Marketplace on earth.

Since then SEOCLERKS has grown and grown have been featured on well-known sites like entreprenuer.com GoDaddy UK and InvestorPlace just to mention a few.
Is SEOCLERKS trustworthy? The short answer to that is yes as can be seen by their innovated award-winning SiftScience anti-fraud technology which they installed back in June of 2015, an implementation which has made the entire marketplace safer for both sellers and buyers.

Today SEOCLERKS has over 700,000 members who have between them completed 1,000,000 services each and every year.  

My Advice: Become a freelancer today and join the SEOCLERKS family and at last earn that online income you have always wanted. The sky is the limit, the more you put into it, the more you will earn

Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds


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