Monday, July 8, 2019

Archie the first Search Engine and its offspring

Archie no relative of the Royal Baby became
the worlds first search engine in the early 1990s and would change the world as
we knew it back then. Developed by two young students named Alan Emtage and Bill
Heelan, Alan studied at the McGill University, Montreal and Bill Heelan studied
at the Concordia University.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter developers, they
would never become a household name, but the world does owe them immensely, as
any future online marketer would not have been able to drive their products to
a worldwide audience.

Alan realised almost at the same time as
home computers like IBM, Apple, Commodore etc. exploded into our homes and
offices that although computer files were available on the FTP servers being
used at that time that none could find them if they did not have the exact name
of the server and filename to hand.


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